Clara Alder, web person.

Clara Alder

Hey, I'm Clara, I live in Brighton and I do web stuff. I think it's very important for a website layout to work well with the content and have high usability but a nice aesthetic is great as well.

When I'm not at work, I enjoy playing musical instruments and creating computer games. I currently play football and enjoy team sports and rock climbing. Also, I have recently begun teaching myself how to sew.

I have been attending Codebar—a non-profit initiative which runs programming workshops--for three years both a student, and, more recently, as a tutor. I have enjoyed both teaching and learning. I love that the web development industry is constantly evolving and that there is a culture of sharing new knowledge. I also love that web development mixes technical work with creative design, and can be independent or collaborative.

Thanks to Brighton’s great technology scene I have attended multiple conferences, talks and game jams.

Some Websites


Game Jams

I've taken part in four game jams. The following are two of the games that I was involved in making:


Below are some of the logos I have designed.


Click on the images below to view my other artwork.


These Twitterbots were created with Cheap Bots, Done Quick! and are coded in a language called Tracery. Not created for any particular reason other than my own amusement, and to experiment with something new.

Odd WIP Experiments

Social Media

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